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Lift-n-Store™ Large Premium Ottoman Lift Up Bed Hinge (Pair)


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Lift-n-Store™ Large Premium Ottoman/ Storage Bed Lift Up Hinge Mechanism with Gas Struts

Pair of Quality Universal Ottoman/ Storage/ Lift-Up Bed Hinges with Gas Struts

We stock a great range of Gas Struts that are each capable of delivering different forces; ideal for all bed sizes

They are ideal for both contract and residential Customers.

These Ottoman hinges are Ideal for all bed sizes including all UK and European sizes. Depending on the size of the bed you have, you can decide whether you want to use one set of bed hinge mechanisms or two sets of bed hinge mechanisms.

These Bed Hinges are great for the manufacture of your own Ottoman Bed, we also sell Ottoman Bed Slat Kits

We recommend One bed hinge mechanism Set for beds up to 1400mm. Two Bed hinge mechanism Sets for beds over 1400mm; you can use one set; however, two sets give a more stable lift and gives you more options for gas struts.

The Ottoman Hinge are manufactured in Italy and the Gas Struts are manufactured in Germany. These are premium products; compared to other alternatives available in the UK market.

Gas Struts Recommendation

The gas struts required will vary depending on
- Bed Size
- End Opening or Side Opening
- Lift Up Bed Base Construction (Slats or Sheet Material)
- Location of Hinge Mechanism
- Weigh of Mattress

It is extremely difficult to advise which strength gas strut you will
require for your bed.

When we refer Light and Heavy Below; we are referring to the Bed Base and Mattress. Manufacturing a bed base from sheet material would be classed as heavy and slats will be classed as light.

Small Single 2ft 6 and Small Single 3ft
Side Opening – Light 300N | Heavy 400N  
End Opening - Light 400N | Heavy 500N  

Small Double 4ft & Double 4ft 6
Side Opening – Light 400N | Heavy 500N  
End Opening - Light 700N | Heavy 1000N  

King 5ft

One Set
Side Opening – Light 700N | Heavy 1000N  
End Opening - Light 1000N | Heavy 1250N  

Two Set
End Opening - Light 400N | Heavy 500N  

Super King 6ft

One Set
Side Opening – Light 700N | Heavy 1000N  
End Opening - Light 1250N | Heavy 1750N  

Two Set
End Opening - Light 500N | Heavy 700N 

Its very much a case of trial and error, If you receive your order and you find that the gas struts are too strong or too weak, then you can send the struts back ( Keep actual ottoman mechanisms attach) and we can exchange them for you. You will need to pay for the delivery cost both ways.


Our Ottoman Hinge Mechanism is ONLY recommended in manufacturing a new bed frame.

You can use these for Existing Bed Ottoman Bed Frame; where you are replacing existing poor-quality lift-up Hinge Mechanism, or your existing hinges mechanism has broken. There are hundreds of ottoman bed manufacturer in the world, the attachment holes on our Bed Hinge mechanism will not line up on the bed frame or bed base. You need to be prepared make new holes and make them work. It is never straight forward to replace these mechanisms unless you purchase them direct from the manufacturer of the bed frame.

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