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Premium Second-Generation Ottoman Single Row Wooden Slatted Bed Base Kit - End Opening


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Custom Single Row Wooden Slatted Bed Base Kit - End Opening

Our Ottoman Slatted Bed Base Kits are manufactured in house by our in-house joinery team and is Manufactured to Order. This Product is ideal for trade customers or End Users wishing to manufacture a new ottoman bed frame. We do NOT recommend these to use on existing bed frames

We only use the highest quality components from specialist manufacturers; ensuring our finished product is built to last and made to a high specification. This Ottoman Slatted Bed Bases are designed to sit within your bed frame

This Slatted Bed Base is made to the same specification as our bestselling Second Generation Bed Base.

We also offer with this Ottoman Kit that is Side Opening

Our Single Row Ottoman Kit Consist of

  • Single Row Ottoman Slatted Bed Bases with 28/ 30 Beech Sprung Bed Slats

  • Pair of Premium Ottoman Hinges with 2 Gas Struts

  • One Mattress Stopper for the head end

  • Ottoman Handle

  • Furniture Connector Bolts x 6

  • M6 Washers x 6

  • M6 Locking Nuts x 6

Bed Base Specification

  • 28 or 30 Quality Beech Sprung Bed Slats (38mm x 8mm); depending on Length 

  • 70mm by 25mm Beech Multiplex Ply frame

  • Second Generation Twin Pocket Slat Holders, which are doweled into the rails using Pegs to add strength and durability

  • Height of Bed Bases - 90mm

  • Gap Between the Slats - 25mm


  • Lumber Adjusters

  • Shoulder Zone Components


Small Single 2ft 6 - 900mm x 1900mm
Single 3ft - 900mm x 1900mm
Single 4ft - 1200mm x 1900mm

We are also able to customise the  width of your Bed Bases (Available in 1900mm or 2000mm)

Bed Frame

Bed Frame Requirements

Internal Bed Frame needs to be 20mm bigger than the bed base

Ottoman Slatted Bed Base

INTERNAL Bed Frame size Required

750mm x 1900mm

770mm x 1920mm

900mm x 1900mm

920mm x 1920mm

1200mm x 1900mm

1220mm x 1920mm

Custom Size Guidance

Many customers would like a bespoke service. They may be limited to space in the room and want to manufacture the external bed frame a certain size.

We can help with this, the calculation are performed backwards, please see example below.

Example 1 - if you already know the Internal Bed Size

Internal Width (minus) 20mm

900mm - 20mm = 880mm

Internal Length (minus) 20mm

1900mm - 20mm = 1880mm

Order 880mm x 1880mm

Example 2 - Designing and Building a new bed frame

External Bed Size: W:900mm x L:1900mm

Rails of bed frame: 25mm (50mm in total)

Internal sizes will therefore be W:850mm x L:850mm

You will need to minus 20mm off the length and width to work out what size Slatted Bed Bases you will be required to order.

The internal sizes for the above example would be as follows:

W: 850mm - 20mm = 830mm

L: 1850mm - 20mm = 1830mm

Order W:830mm x L1830mm


Our Single Row Ottoman Slatted Bed Bases are Delivered Fully Assembled or self Assembly sepending on the size

You will need to attach the Ottoman Hinges to the bed base; these will be Pre-drilled in our Workshop and Bolts, Washers and Nuts will be Provided. 

We use M8 Furniture Connector bolts and M8 Cross Dowels for an extremely strong connection

This is ideal for larger bed sizes due to access; as you can assemble the ottoman slatted bed bases in the room

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