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Small Double 4ft Bed Slats

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Replacements 4ft Small Double size Bed Slats that will fit your bed frame perfectly

Small Double Beds are also referred to as Three Quarter Beds. Standard UK Small Double Bed Mattresses are 1200mm x 1900mm (4ft x 6ft 3).  However wooden bed slats can vary in size from manufacturer to manufacturer. If the Small Double size bed frame is the same size as the Mattress the slats will be smaller, then if your mattress was sitting within your Small Double bed frame.

We manufacture various types of Quality Bed Slats including Flat Pine Slats, Flat Beech Slats and Laminated Curved Sprung Bed Slats. We stock these is various lengths and widths and are able to offer various customisation services to ensure we can meet all your requirements.

If you are planning on using Sprung Bed Slats on a Small Double Bed Frame, you need to decide whether to use one row or slats or two rows of slats. One Row is ideal for one sleeper and Two Row is idea for 2 sleepers.

We can offer Various Bed Slat Solutions for your Small Double size beds, these include
- Individual Pine (Beech) Bed Slats - Ideal  when replacing a few broken slats.
- Pine (Beech) Bed Slats webbed Sets - Ideal  when replacing all your slats. We are able to manufacture you a set to your exact width and length. You can also increase the support of your mattress by increasing the number of slats in your set.
- Individual Replacement Beech Sprung Bed Slats - Ideal  when replacing a few broken slats. Various Widths, Depths and Lengths available
- Beech Sprung Bed Slats Kits - Ideal  when replacing all your slats. Ideal for new bed frames and existing bed frames. We will supply you with Beech Sprung Bed Slats and with Compatible Holders. Various kits available
- Roll-Out Beech Sprung Bed Slat Sets -  Ideal when replacing all your slats. We can customise the length of your sprung bed slats to fit your Small Double bed.
- Bed Rails with Integrated Sprung Slat Holders - Ideal  when replacing all your slats.
- Slatted Bed Bases with Beech Sprung Bed Slats - These are manufactured to the exact Width and Length. 5 Ranges available. Fully assembled when delivered

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