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Heavy Duty Invisible Floating Shelf Brackets

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Exclusive Range of Invisible Heavy Duty Floating Shelf Brackets manufactured in Europe

A floating shelf bracket is a type of hardware used to mount a shelf onto a wall without visible support. Unlike traditional shelf brackets that are visible underneath the shelf, floating shelf brackets are concealed within the shelf itself, giving the appearance that the shelf is "floating" on the wall.

Floating shelf brackets are popular in modern interior design for their sleek and minimalist look, allowing the shelf to blend seamlessly into the wall for a clean and contemporary aesthetic.

Our Floating Shelf brackets are manufactured in European and are exclusively distributors in the UK

What sets our Floating Shelf Brackets apart is their meticulous craftsmanship and exceptional durability. Crafted from a single piece of 12mm solid steel rod, each bracket undergoes precision engineering to ensure unparalleled strength and stability.

A distinguishing feature of our brackets is the connecting plate welded approximately in 75mm from the base. This innovative design allows for secure attachment to the wall, with the bracket seamlessly integrating into the structure. The sturdy construction ensures that our brackets can withstand substantial weight, providing reliable support for your shelves and their contents.

In summary, our Floating Shelf Brackets combine meticulous craftsmanship, durable materials, and innovative design to offer unmatched strength, stability, and functionality for your shelving needs.

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