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Gap Reducing Sprung Slats and Kits

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Minimize the spacing between your sprung slats to ensure compatibility with your mattress.

If you have landed on this page its likely you have been advised by the mattress manufacturer that the gaps between the slats in your bed are too large.

The Good News is we can help you to find solutions for this issue.

We have been helping customers with the issue of reducing gaps between their slats for several years and we can find a solution for almost every bed base.

Why is it important that the gaps between the slats are reduced?

The 3 main reasons why you would want to reduce the gaps between your bed slats are:

  1. A large gap between the slats can Invalidate the retailers Mattress Warranty, this is especially common with Memory Foam and Latex mattresses.
  2. Increase support and comfort of your bed
  3. Extends the life of your mattress

Over the last few years, we have seen a common issue with bed Manufactures who make visually beautiful beds however to reduce costs on their side and increase profits the number and quality of bed slats which are not immediately visible are sacrificed.

The slats on the bed are the foundation for your mattress to rest on and are essential to the support and comfort of the mattress. Would you build a house on weak foundations? Or put a heavy grocery in cheap thin plastic bag? The same applied to beds and mattress, if the support for the mattress is inadequate how can the mattress support and provide comfort for you?

We have the skills and expertise to help reduce the gaps and our tapered end slats are an easy solution for this issue.

You simply remove the existing bed slats and replace them with our wider slats, we even tapper the ends to fit in your existing bed slats holders.

We also provide bed slats kits for a more premium/luxury options.

The double holders on our slat kits allow you to replace a single slat with two 38mm slats.

The higher end bed bases have a larger number of narrower slats rather than fewer wider slats. Beech Sprung Bed slats have a spring like movement in them, this higher the number of springs/slats the higher the level of support and comfort.

Need Help? Feel free to get in touch with us.

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