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Designed & Manufactured in our London Workshop

Custom Made Sprung Bed Slats

We machine our Sprung Bed Slat in our in-house Joinery Workshop. Made in Europe and machined to size in the UK

  • Any Length

  • Any Width

  • Depth (8mm, 10mm and 12mm)

View our Sprung Slats Range

Flat Bed - Webbing and Individual

Our Flats slats are machined in our Joinery Workshop. We manufacuture a range of Pine Bed Slats and Solid Beech Bed Slats

  • Any Width

  • Length: 1860mm, 1950mm or Custom

  • Select the number of Slats in your Set and Gap in-between your slats

View our Flat Bed Slat Range

Sprung Bed Slat Holders

Looking for replacement bed slat holders?

  • Range of 25mm, 38mm, 53mm, 63mm, 70mm and 100mm Holders

  • We stock the largest range in the UK.

  • All Holders are in-stock, quick pick and dispatch

View Our Slat Holders Range

Drop-In Slatted Bed Bases

Our Drop-In Slatted Bases are designed to be dropped within your existing bed frame to support for your mattress

  • 5 Exclusive Versions

  • Custom Width

  • Custom Length

View our Drop-In Range

Floor-Standing Slatted Bed Bases

An Exclusive Range of 5 Floor-Standing Slatted Bed Bases, Design and Manufactured in our UK Workshop.

These are minimalistic and Space-Saving and designed to be used as a bed frame. Also, ideal for Zip and Link Mattresses

  • Any Width

  • Any Length

  • Any Height

View our Floor-Standing Range

Ottoman Lift-Up Storage Bed Bases

Ottoman Bed Bases are designed to be integrated with Bed Hinge Mechanisms and Gas Struts to allow you to lift-up you bed bases and Mattress; allowing you to utilise the space underneath your bed base for Storage

  • Utilise the Space Underneath your Bed Frame

  • Designed and Manufactured in our UK Workshop

  • Buy Exclusive from The Bed Slats Workshop

View our Ottoman Range

Roll-Out Sprung Bed Slats

View Our Roll-Out Range

Bed Rails with Integrated Sprung Slat Holders

View Our Sprung Slat Set Range

Bed Corner Brackets

View Our Corner Brackets Range

Electric Adjustable Drop-In Slatted Bed Bases

Covert your Bed Frame into an Adjustable Bed Frame

  • Custom Width and Length

  • Wired, Remote, Wireless Remote or Bluetooth with App option

  • Exclusvie Design. Manufactured in our UK Workshop

View our range

Electric Adjustable Floor-Standing Slatted Bed Bases

Minimalistic and Space-Saving Adjustablre Floor-Standard Slatted Bed Bases.

  • Custom Width, Length and Height

  • With Wired, Wireless (AR) or Smart (with Memory and App) Remote

  • Suspension Control Bed Slat Holders

View our Range

Ready-to-Upholster bed Frames


Exclusive Collection of Ready-to-Upholster Beds - Designed and Manufactured in our UK Joinery Workshop

  • Upholstery Service also Available

  • All Standard UK and European Bed Sizes. Non Standard also Available

  • Further Customisation Available

View Our Range

Custom-Made Furniture Feet

We manufacture made-to-measure Custom Furniture Feet to Orders. Manufactured in our In-house Joinery Workshop

  • Three Timber: Pine, Beech and Oak

  • Various Fittings Available, including M6, M8 and M10

  • Manufactured within days, not weeks

Furniture Feet Range

FAQ - General

  • Is it possible to swap out Flat Pine Slats for Sprung Slats?+
  • What is the recommended spacing between beech sprung bed slats?+
  • Can you supply slats any size?+
  • I recently bought a new mattress and noticed that the gap between my slats is too large. Can you help?+
  • Do you provide installation services or offer on-site measurements?+
  • Are standard-sized slats available for my bed?+
  • Is it possible to decrease the gap between my bed slats?+
  • I am unable to find the size i require on website, can you help?+
  • What options do you recommend for someone who is not proficient in DIY?+

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  • Custom Headboards

  • Over 200 Fabric Options

  • Various Designs


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  • Elegant Designs

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