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Webbed Flat Pine Bed Slats Sets - Direct from our Joinery Workshop

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Custom Webbed Pine Bed Slat Solutions for Your Bed Frame - Specify LENGTH, WIDTH and NUMBER OF SLAT

Upgrade your sleeping experience with our Webbed Flat Pine Bed Slats Sets, crafted directly from our Joinery Workshop. Whether you're refurbishing your bed frame, constructing a new one, or seeking a conversion from Sprung Slats to Flat Slats, our custom-made slats are the perfect solution.

What Sets Our Webbed Bed Slats Apart?

At our joinery, we take pride in offering a diverse selection of timber options to suit your preferences. Choose between Solid Pine (93mm x 20mm) or Solid European Beech (70mm x 20mm) to align with the sleeper's needs and mattress specifications.

Every webbed set is hand-crafted to order, guaranteeing an match for your bed frame's exact dimensions. With the option to specify the Width, Length, and Number of Slats, you have total control over the final product you receive. Additionally, by specifying the number of slats, you directly influence the gap between them, ensuring optimal support and comfort.

We pre-drill pilot holes in the top, bottom, and middle slats of each webbed set for effortless attachment. These pilot holes are strategically positioned at the centre of the bed slat, 10mm inward from the edge.


Buying Process for your Webbed Sets

1. Choose Your Width

Bed slat widths can vary among suppliers, so please verify the required size before placing your order. We provide a Free Length Cut Service for added convenience.

2. Specify Your Length

We offer two standard lengths (1860mm and 1950mm) that should accommodate most beds. Custom lengths are also available upon request.

3. Select the Number of Slats

Select the exact number of slats in your set to your preference. Increasing the number of slats reduces the gap between them, ensuring optimal support and comfort.

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    What makes our Webbed Slats Unique

    Our Webbed Slats are made to your Exact Specification

    • Manufactured In-House

      Our Webbed Flat Bed Slat Sets are Manufactured In-House by our experienced Bed Makers

    • Customise the WIDTH of you Set

      We will customise the WIDTH of your webbed Set Free of Charge. Our sets are manufactured to fit your bed frame

    • LENGTH of your Webbed Set

      We offer two standard Lenght: 1860mm (ideal for 1900mm beds) and 1950mm (ideal for 2000mm Bed). We also offer Custom Length if required

    • You select the GAP in-between your slats

      You can select the number of Slats in your Webbed Set, The more slats you Select, the small the Gap.

    FAQ - Webbed Sets

    These FAQ's are specifically for Webbed Sets

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    • How many slats should i get me my Set? +
    • I currently have Sprung Bed Slats and my Mattress feels to soft, will you Flat Webbed Slats Help? +
    • I have a Standard UK size bed frame, what size shell i order my Webbed Set? +
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