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Non-Slip Mattress Mats, Mattress Stoppers, Retaining Bars, and other related products.

We recognise the frustration that comes with a mattress that won't stay in place, which is why we carry a variety of specialised products to address this issue. Among our top-selling items is the Non Slip Mattress Mats, a versatile product that works with most bed frames, divans, and bed slats to hold your mattress securely in place. Thanks to its anti-slip surface, you can sleep soundly without worrying about your mattress shifting during the night.


For customers wanting a more robust solution, we also offer a range of Mattress Retaining Bars, which are also commonly referred to as Mattress Stoppers. These bars can be installed at the

head end, foot end, and sides of your bed frame, providing extra reinforcement to prevent your mattress from sliding off. This option is particularly useful for adjustable reclining bed frames, Zip and Link Mattresses and ottoman bed frames


Elderly customers may have specific mobility challenges that require additional support when getting in and out of bed. For example, some elderly individuals may need to slide onto the bed instead of lifting their legs, which can cause their mattress to move or shift. The use of Mattress Retaining Bars can provide a stable surface for the mattress, preventing any sliding or shifting and giving elderly customers the added support they need.


Furthermore, elderly customers may be at a higher risk of falling or slipping, which can cause serious injury. A mattress that moves around can be hazardous, so having a secure mattress can help reduce the risk of falls. These mattress stoppers can also be helpful for households with active children who love to jump in and out of bed. These products can keep the mattress securely in place, even with lots of movement, ensuring a safer sleeping environment for children and peace of mind for parents.


Regardless of your preference, we're confident that our selection of specialized products can help you find the right solution to keep your mattress securely in place.


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