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Extra Wide Premium Pine Bed Slats - Webbed Sets


Customise WIDTH of your Set with our FREE Cutting Service

Select your Length of your Set (1860mm, 195mm or Custom)

Choose the No of Slats (Gap in your slats) of your Set

Each Set is CUSTOM made to your Specification

HIGHER-GRADE of Timber than our Competitiors

Pine (Redwood) not Spuce (Whitewood). Less Sap, Preferred by Furniture Makers

Quick In-House Manufacture and Dispatch

Sustainable Products

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Extra Wide Premium Pine Bed Slats

- Webbed Sets

We keep individual Pine Bed Slats in Stock. We then Custom Manufacture our Sets into you exact requirement.

Our Pine Bed Slats set are ideal when manufacturing a  new bed frame or you want to replace all the slats on you frame

Our Pine bed slat sets are held together using premium webbing to

               - evenly space the slats across the length of your bed frame

               - help attach the slats to your bed frame. simply attach the first, middle and last slat to the frame which will result in the rest of the slats to stay in place. 

These pine bed slats are available in a wide range of options to meet your mattress requirements. The gap between the bed slats is very important, the smaller the gap between each slat the better.  If you have a memory foam/ latex mattress or a pocket sprung mattress with a high pocket spring count, you will not want the foam or springs to fall between the gap in your slats. You want the bed slats to support the foam or springs. For this reason we strongly recommend you order extra slats with your set to ensure the gap between the slats is not too wide.       

Many Mattress manufacture specify the minimum gap between the slats. if not followed your Warranty will be invalid.

Technical Information 

Timber Species - Pine

We manufacture Pine Bed Slats not Spruce Bed Slats. Spruce is a cheaper alternative to Pine. Many other suppliers advertise pine slats, but are actually selling spruce slats as they are very  similar in appearance.

Individual Slat Measurements

 Width - 93mm 

Depth - 20mm 

Set Measurements

Up to 2200mm (cutting Service Available)

Length (when rolled Out)

1860mm - ideal for 6ft 3 (1900mm) Mattresses

1950mm - Ideal for 6ft 6 (2000mm) Mattresses

Custom Length

Gap between the Slats

You are able to select the Number of Slats you want in your set - allowing you to select the exact gap you require to suit you mattress

Pilot Holes

3 Slats will have a Pilot Hole (Top/ Middle and Bottom)

10mm in from edge

Drill Diameter - 5mm


Bed Slats tend to vary in size from bed frame to bed frame. Even though mattresses are standard sizes; the slats will vary. Bed slats will be smaller if the mattresses is the same size as the bed frame and larger if the mattresses sits within the bed frame.


"Measure Twice, Buy Once" :)

How to Attach

There are 6 pre-drilled holes (top slat/ middle slat/ bottom slat) to help attach the slats to the bed frame.

 If you have a Metal Bed Frame - please see Locking Legdes

Custom Services (optional)

We offer the following option on Pine Bed Slat Sets

  • Cutting Service - Cutting our slat to your exact length (measure the width your bed frame)
  • Webbing Service - Select the length of your set when rolled/ spread out
    • 1860mm - ideal for 6ft 3 (1900mm) Mattresses
    • 1950mm - Ideal for 6ft 6 (2000mm) Mattresses
    • Custom Length
  • Various number of Slat Option - Allowing you to select the gap in in between the slat when Spread Out
    • Many Mattress manufacture specify the minimum gap between the slats. if not followed your Warrant will be invalid

Why purchase our Flat Webbed Bed Slat Sets?

Bed Frames vary in size from manufacturer to manufacturer, so each set is hand-crafted to order to fit your bed frame. Step 1) Select your Width  Width of bed slats vary from Supplier to Supplier, please check the size required before ordering. We do offer a Free Cut Service Step 2) Select your Length  We offer two Length as standard that should fit most beds (1860mm and 1950mm); we can also customise the length for you on request Step 3) Select the Number of Slats  We can select the exact number of slats you want in your set. The more slats you get; the smaller the gap between your slats  


    Our Pine Timber is sourced from Sustainable and Managed Forests


    All our Webbed Flat Bed Slats are Exclusively Manufactured in our UK workshop.


    You can customise the WIDTH of your Webbed Bed Slat Sets FREE of charge. Our sets are manufactured to fit your bed frame


    We offer 2 standard lengths: 1860mm (ideal for 1900mm beds) and 1950mm (ideal for 2000mm beds). We also offer custom lengths if required

  • GAP

    You can select the number of Slats in your Webbed Set, the more Slats the smaller the Gap

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