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Premium Second-Generation | Drop-In Slatted Bed Base | Single Row


Exclusive to "The Bed Slats Workshop"

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100% Beech Timber

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Second Generation Single Row Drop-In Slatted Bed Base with 30 x 38mm Beech Sprung Bed Slats

Our Second Generation Slatted Bed Base is Designed and Manufacture in-house by our Master Bed Makers. We only use the highest quality components from specialist manufacturers; ensuring our finished product is built to last.

This Drop-In Slatted Bed Bases are designed to sit within your bed frame and is manufacuted order at you specified width and length.

Our Single Row Slatted Bed Bases are designed for One Sleepers and are suitable for the following bed sizes:

- Small Single Beds 2ft 6 

- Single Beds 3ft

- Small Double Beds 4ft

Our Second Generation Single Row Bed Base consist of

-           30 Quality Beech Sprung Bed Slats (38mm x 8mm)  - May vary depending on the length specified
-           50mm by 20mm Beech Multiplex Ply frame
-           Twin Slat Holders, which are doweled into the side rails using Pegs to add strength and durability
-           OPTIONAL: Adjustable slat tension adjusters in the lumbar region
-           Fully Assembled in 1 piece when delivered  

All Slatted Bed Bases are assembled using Furniture Connector bolts and Cross Dowels. This provides a extremely strong joint and can also be disassebled and reassembled if needed

Technical Information:

Width - Custom
Length - Custom (Maximum 2000mm)
Height - Approximately 67mm
Gap in between Slats  - Approximately 25mm

Optional Extras

Optional: Adjustable slat tension in the lumbar region

Second Generation adjustable tensions adjusters are placed in the lumber region to further improve your comfort level. These are also known as “rigidity adjusters”. There are three beech sprung slats per double slat holder with two second generation sliding tension adjusters. These tension adjusters in the lumber region, allow the sleeper to manually adjust the firmness of the bed in the lumbar region to their preference. Another added benefit is that you can adjust the tension independently from your partner.

Optional: Shoulder Zone Components

Our Special Shoulder Zone Components are a silent system, which is spring free meaning it is noise free. These components are able to rotate on both sides, and are able to be pushed down up to 23mm including the rotation. This will dramatically improve comfort and reduce pressure in the shoulder region.
The Ledges where your Second Generation Slatted Bed Base is going to sit on cannot be NO more then 20mm deep and your centre rail/ support cannot be no more then 40mm wide; as these will interfere with the movement of our Shoulder Zone Components

Bed Frame Requirements

Our Slatted Bed Bases are built to last for years. Your bed frame must have adequate support for the slatted bed base.

The slatted bed base is there to support you and the bed frame needs to support the slatted bed base i.e. the ledges, where the slatted bases rests on should be strong enough to hold your weight.

A Centre Rail is not required for a Single Row Bed Base

How to Measure

Wooden Bed Frame

Our Single Row Slatted Bed Bases are designed to sit within you wooden bed frame. You must take accurate measurements on the internal dimension of your bed frame; taking into account anything that is protruding e.g. bed legs, corner brackets and so on

We advise taking exact internal measurements and minus 3mm to 4mm to ensure our bed base fittings within your bed frame.  

Metal Bed Frames

Varies depending on the structure of Metal Bed Frame. Please email us images if you would like advise on compatibility


Please note that the colour of the components may vary, for exact colours please call us.

What make our Drop-In™ Slatted Bed Bases Unique?

We are extremely Passionate about our Products, we focus on QUALITY. Our Exclusive collection of Drop-In Slatted Bed Bases are Designed and Manufactured In-House using only premium quality components from Reputatable European Manufacturers. We are continuously liaising with our EU Suppliers and evolving with the latest technologies and trends. We are a low volume, high quality Manufacturer

  • Sustainable

    Our Beech Sprung Slats and Rails are sourced from Managed and Sustainable Forest

  • Designed and Manufactured in the UK

    All our Drop-In Slatted Bed Bases are Exclusively Manufactured in our UK workshop.

  • Custom WIDTH

    All our Drop-In Slatted Bed Bases are Width customisable to your needs FREE of charge

  • Custom LENGTH

    All our Drop-In Slatted Bed Bases are Length customisable to your needs

  • Worried about ACCESS? or ASSEMBLY?

    All our Dual Row Drop-In Slatted Bed Bases are fully assembled in our workshop and delivered in 2 Sections for Easy Access

  • Need it Quick? We offer an EXPRESS Manufacturing Service

    Our Made-to-Order Slatted Bed Bases are manufactured in approximately 10 working days. We also offer 5 day, 3 day and same day service for an additional cost if required.

  • Beech Sprung Bed Slats - illustration
    BEECH Timber

    We ONLY use Beech timber, this is undisputedly the best material in the bed industry and cannot be compared to Birch or Poplar

  • Ergonomic

    Our adaptable sprung bed slats, combined with innovative sprung slat holders, elevate the ergonomic design for enhanced comfort.

  • Airflow

    Promotes air circulation within your mattress, promoting temperature regulation and preventing moisture accumulation, thus preventing mould growth.

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