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Furniture Fixing and Fasteners Kits

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Specialist Fixing and Fasteners Kits for the Furniture Industry  

 Discover our range of Metric Furniture Fixing and Fastener Kits designed to simplify the process of constructing new furniture or reviving existing pieces. Our versatile components cater to a wide range of furniture types, including beds, cots, tables, stools, cabinets, and more.   
Ensuring your furniture stands the test of time hinges on having the right Furniture Fixing and Fasteners. Our collection includes specialised and Hard-to-Find fixings crucial for impeccable assembly, preventing the need for premature furniture replacement.   
Explore our Furniture Fixing Kits featuring an assortment of M5, M6, M8, and M10 Fasteners. Uncover a variety of essential components such as Connector Bolts with Nut Caps, Half-Moon Washers, T Nuts, Hex Nuts, Cross Dowels, Threaded Inserts, and much more.   
Also visit our dedicated Individual Furniture Fixing and Fasteners page for more options. 

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