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Distinguishing Between Sprung and Flat Bed Slats: A Guide to Identification

Introducing Wooden Bed Slats: A Quick Guide to Identifying the Right Type

If you're new to the world of wooden bed slats, you'll soon discover that there are two primary types: flat and sprung bed slats. Before you embark on replacing your bed slats, it's essential to determine which type you currently have. Let's delve into the key characteristics of each:

Sprung Bed Slats

  1. Arched or bowed in shape.
  2. Typically held in place by plastic holders at the ends.
  3. Thickness ranges from 8mm to 12mm.
  4. Constructed with laminated veneer, resembling layers like plywood.
  5. Rarely exhibit knots in their composition.
  6. Larger bed frames often feature two rows of these slats.

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Flat Bed Slats

  1. Straight and flat in appearance
  2. Not secured by holders; they rest directly on the bed frame.
  3. Thickness generally starts at a minimum of 16mm, frequently measuring 20mm or more, and can be even thicker.
  4. Crafted from solid timber
  5. Capable of spanning the entire width of the bed frame, regardless of its size.

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Sprung Bed Slats

Flat Bed Slats

Once Identified

Having identified the type of bed slats you currently have, the next step is to determine your preferences and needs. You now need to decide whether you would like to:

Replace "Like for Like": If you're satisfied with your existing slats and their performance, replacing them with a similar type might be your best choice for a straightforward replacement.

Improve Current Specification: If you're looking to enhance your sleeping experience, consider upgrading to slats with improved specifications, such as reducing the gap in-between your slats

Replace Flat with Sprung (or Vice Versa): For a significant change in support and comfort, you can opt to switch from flat to sprung slats, or vice versa, based on your sleep preferences and the feel you desire from your bed. This choice can have a notable impact on your overall comfort and restful sleep.

By making the right decision based on your preferences and needs, you can ensure that your bed slats contribute to a comfortable and supportive night's sleep.

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