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Bed Frame Compatibility Guide for Drop-In Slatted Bed Bases

At our workshop, we craft all our Drop-In slatted bed bases in-house, allowing for customisation of width and length to match your bed frame's internal dimensions. Please note that the height of these bases cannot be adjusted.

Our bed bases arrive fully assembled, either as a single section for solo sleepers or a dual section for two sleepers. It's essential that each sleeper has their own set of slats for optimal support.

It's important to understand that there are numerous bed frame structures on the market, each with its unique characteristics. There is no standardised method for manufacturing bed frames.

This guide's primary purpose is to assist you in determining whether your bed frame is compatible with a Drop-In slatted bed base. We want to determine whether:

1. Your bed frame is already compatible: In some cases, your existing bed frame may already be designed to accommodate a Drop-In slatted bed base without any modifications. We will provide guidance on how to check for compatibility.

2. It requires modifying (we will supply the components): If your bed frame requires slight adjustments to become compatible with our Drop-In slatted bed base, we offer the necessary components and guidance for modification. This option allows you to adapt your bed frame to our bed base.

3. We need to modify our slatted bed base, so you do not need to modify your bed frame: In certain situations, we can make custom modifications to our slatted bed base to ensure it fits seamlessly with your existing bed frame, eliminating the need for any alterations to your frame.

01 - Bed Slat Support Ledges with Bed Central Rail

Your bed structure is compatible

02 - 4 Cross Rails

Your bed structure is compatible

03 - 3 Cross Rails

Your bed structure is compatible

04 - Support Ledges in 2 section with Bed Central Rail

Your bed structure is compatible

05 - Flat Bed Slats

This bed structure is less than ideal and will need some adjustments.

Here are three options to consider:

Option 1: Lower the current supports. Option 2: Invest in new bed slat support ledges and a central rail. Option 3: Acquire a new cross rail kit.

06 - Flat Bed Slats

Your bed structure is compatible

You have two choices: either place a slatted bed base on top of the current slats or remove the slats and replace them with bed slat support ledges and a central rail.

07 - Bed Slat Support Ledges all the way around

The existing structure is not suitable, support is required in the middle of the bed frame

Option 1: Install a new bed central rail rail kit Option 2: We can adapt our slatted bed base by incorporating structural rails, eliminating the need for any modifications on your part. This adjustment will result in an increased bed height.

08 - Support on Corner Brackets

Brackets cannot support bedbases. It requires the proper Form of Support.

Solution : Replacement Wooden Bed Slat Support Ledges/ Batons, This can be screwed on the inside of your bed side rails to support your bed slats. These ledges are ideal for flat bed slats, sprung bed slats and slatted bed bases.

Still in need of assistance?

If you still need assistance with your bed frame, kindly send us a photo of the bed frame without the mattress. Our experienced team of bed experts will provide guidance as soon as possible.

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